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by Noben

you mena eggs waffles to pickle ina barrel with eggs i told her. why you do dat? bcauz i neeeeded to flip fleper. you no shit if you no...

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OK, I'm gonna be the guy. I'm going to be the bastard who DOES critique the art as well as the comic in general because I think it's wo...

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Where to start... Where to start... Well, for starters, as a joke I find this to be pretty weak. For a good visual joke to work, a lot ...

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OK... where do I begin? first, the vision and raw emotion of the picture is very weak, I see no mother to child connection between them...

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You call me RABBIT.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I came here to share my art because this is one of the best places to do it. I'm just trying to make a name for myself... have a cookie.…
This is mainly a work in progress. Thus, feedback and suggestions on what you think should be included or edited or taken out is more than welcome. 

1. Acquire a proper sense of aesthetics.
Every furry has a need to stand out from the rest of the pack in order to garner attention. Frequently, I see furries try desperately to make their characters original and eye-grabbing any way they can. However, this often leads to characters having an unimaginative addition of extra limbs, wings, or tails while being painted in clashing eye-searing colors. It is important to never get too lost in grabbing attention to your characters and content at the cost of good taste and dignity. Knowing the most basic of character design and color theories go long way, especially with subjects as playful and flexible as ours! Besides, those who know how to properly deal in aesthetics get the more lasting love and attention in the end, anyways. 

2. Have a sense of humor.
Nobody likes a stiff with a stick in their rear. It is said that a healthy sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. Some of the more irritating people and furries I have come across are those that cannot understand, take, or make jokes. A sarcastic joke or a witty comeback is the best defense to a rude comment, anyways. Have a good sense of humor and people will like you, even your strongest detractors will be able to tolerate you. Now pull my finger.    

3. Become self aware and don't take yourself too seriously.
This goes hand in hand perfectly with commandment two. A person who takes themselves too seriously or who regard themselves too highly generally lack a sense of humor. They are also stubborn sticks in the mud who will never see their own flaws enough to improve themselves. It's important to take a step back and look at our own absurdities and flaws and laugh at them, so that we can fix and improve ourselves without feeling too badly about our flaws. Besides, we're pretty much an absurd bunch, you have to admit. The very thing that we all like and enjoy is a rather odd concept when you put it in to perspective. Animal....people?    

4. Keep your surroundings in mind.
Always keep in mind the nature and rules of where you are and try to abide by them. If you are submitting things that are mature by nature, you should use the mature filters provided. If the place you happen to be has certain prejudices against your interests, you should try to lie them low or else do not go there. You probably don't want to be in a place like that in the first place. Why should you?

5. Not everybody is going to share your interest. Some aren't even fit to.
I keep hearing horror stories from detractors I speak to about how they had some furry friend who tried to indoctrinate them into the realm of their interest despite their protests. What one must know is that people are very different from one another. Which includes the old saying about how not all people are going to like the same thing. You must have a certain outlook to be interested and like certain things and some people cannot have this outlook and interest if they tried. You don't want this kind of person included in your special places of interest anyways. They'll just be an ingenuous drag on you. They're not worth it. 

6. Just because you share the same interests, does not mean you will like that person.
Self-explanatory. Just be wary.

7. Treat hate and backlash swiftly and gracefully.
If a detractor begins hassling you. The worst thing for your reputation is to lower yourself down to them and get into a petty slap-fight that will lead to nothing but you looking like a pathetic and ridiculous egomaniac. Generally try to keep the ordeal under wraps quietly as possible and get the issue solved quickly. You must stand up for yourself if need be, but never drag things out more than necessary. Always carefully pick your battles.  

8. If something is there that you know offends you; do not go there. 
I'm not saying to shield yourself and hide from things that offend you. That's both irrational and ridiculous. What I wish to get across is that if something is against your interests, you're not going to change anybodies mind by going there and causing a ruckus. If anything, it's going to either reaffirm their suspicions or make things worse while you make a total ass out of yourself.

9. Keep the presence of children in mind. 
Children are the sneaky little insects of the internet. They sneak in and hide places they aren't supposed to be. Like the internet. Use mature filters and make it hard as possible for them to find anything meant for adult eyes only. That way it'll be their own fault for their mental scarring when they choose to disregard the rules.  

10. Do not create unnecessary drama or commotion.
Furries are often thought to be overly dramatic and loud in certain cases and circles. One should stand up for themselves if need be like I said earlier, but I shall say again that one must pick their battles. Kicking up dust in places that are not worth your effort will only serve to make everybody look bad. Drama is a long exhaustive thing that's hardly ever worth it. It makes you look petty and frustrated. Like a chihuahua's barking, It only serves to annoy others. 

11.  Keep others in mind. 
This is what the whole list has been leading up to and has always about. Keeping others in mind means you ought put your best foot forward. Every single one of you represents all of us. If a person fucks up in a huge and dramatic way, It'll look bad on all of us. Which is why we need to largely watch what we are doing and do our part to look as best as we possibly can. Maybe it's too late for that, but I largely refuse to have the ball court destroyed and the game ended before I get a chance to play. 

Which is why this list exists.

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Hey thank you for watching us^^
RedTweny Apr 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
THNKS for having spent some your minutes in my gallery and for the watch...very appreciated !
Thank you for your words kind gentleman of the most lapine-facaded sort.  I wish you many carrots and may your ink flow true.
So guess who just got to the editing process of their review to Sonic 06?
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....yes...I am the Angry Video Game Nerd.
rabbitmaskedman Mar 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're AN angry video game nerd, anyway :D
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:0 Thanks for watchin'
Congraturations on the whole nice art thing.

I'll go get my shoe polish and bunny-themed shrine.
rabbitmaskedman Feb 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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