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you mena eggs waffles to pickle ina barrel with eggs i told her. why you do dat? bcauz i neeeeded to flip fleper. you no shit if you no...

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Call me Rabbit for short.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I came here to share my art because this is one of the best places to do it. I'm just trying to make a name for myself... have a cookie.…
I've noticed all my past journals on this topic tend to be leaning towards the negative/critical. I've gotta change this to remind myself why I like this kind of thing in the first place, and that's it's worth defending to me. I guess I'm going to lay it all out as to why I do it, what I think of the fans/haters, and what I think makes the whole thing tick. I'll do it in chapters-ish fashion. You'll see.

 Furry, what is it? 

If you asked me what furry is, I wouldn't really say it's a fetish, hobby, fandom, art style, or a lifestyle. It CAN be all of these things, no doubt, but this isn't looking into the heart of the beast at all. No, furry above all other things is an aesthetic and is deeply rooted in such. The people who are into it are simply into the aesthetic appeal of the whole thing, they like the designs and the way it looks. They find it incredibly neat to look at and mess with. They like to play with it and make their own variations on the idea. Squishing the body types around and playing with the level of anthropomorphism and different species the characters have. There's a lot of possibilities! 

Once you consider this it's amazing how well everything falls right into place. As an example and swinging things back into the sexy side, the fetishistic aspect occurs because it's rooted in the aesthetic. It makes things more exotic and fun to view. It's like adding ketchup to your macaroni and cheese, not everyone is going to like it and some will think it's gross. But, those who taste it and dig it will reach for the ketchup bottle a lot more.  

I personally find it appealing in a sleek sort of way. I'm not really interested in animal art on it's own, but the mixing of man and animal or monster is fascinating. You can play around with the colors, species, and body parts to make something really pretty or unique. It also definitely adds more character to the design.
It's all about the aesthetic.

Furry characters are human characters.

Anthro characters really aren't all that different from "human" ones and the way "human" characters are handled. They tend to go through the same emotions, thought-processes, love,hate, virtues, vices, and developments that "human" characters do, even the more animal-based ones. (At least the well written ones, but even that can also be applied to badly-written "human" characters.)

In short, I firmly hold that stories that feature anthro characters are still about people. Even though this may be me stating the obvious. Sometimes I even think that they are--


hahahahaha... Bad joke...

Hm, this is good for now. I'll probably write up a second part sooner or later...
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